Problems with iTunes Server

Hi Community

i´m not sure if i´m doing something wrong but i have problems with the iTunes Server on my MyBook World White Light Edition.

It don´t find any Music! I put all my Music in the Folder Public/Shared Music  But it wont show up on iTunes!

I also can connect the server through iTunes  but after a few Minutes (Maybe 5-ore 10 ) the connection fails.

i have to start the server manually then via webinterface of the MBW.

The system is brand New. Yesterday i had to reset it completly, but didn´t help.

I´ve also installes the newest firmware 01.02.06.

Please help me if you can.

I’m having the same issue. Dropped music into my Shared Music folder, I see MyBookLive in Shared Section in iTunes, but don’t see any of the music. This was one of the number one reasons I bought this product. If I can’t get it working soon, I will be taking it back.

I am having the same issue!