Problems with folder.jpg and TV series on new firmware

So for some reason with the new firmware, with my setup, the SMP is no longer respecting the differnt folder.jpg files I have in each directory. For instance, I have



                |  folder.jpg  #1(#1 added for reference here only)

                |_Season 1

                                    |  folder.jpg #2(#2 added for reference)



When I view the TV series, it wants to use the folder,jpg #2 directory for EVERY occurence. So at the series list view it shows folder.jpg #2, at the season level it shows folder.jpg #2. Then, to top it off, when looking at the episode list, for episode #1, it always shows the folder.jpg #2 image, not the Castle.S01E01.jpg episode 1 image. It does show the correct Castle.S01E02.jpg image and so on for the rest of the episode, but not episode 1.

I thought when you are at the series list view, it should show folder.jpg #1 and when I the season view, it should show the folder.jpg #2 and when at the episode level it should show the individual episode jpgs.

I tried a few different skins and even the default mochi one but they all do the same thing., even after a full clear media library.

This is using the Media Library.

Try rolling back to the previous firmware version to see if that fixes the problem.

If you’re using the “TV Show” filter, then that’s to be expected.

The TV Show filter (actually all filters) are expecting to be using .metathumb files, not .jpg files.

I suspect .jpg file support was left behind just for legacy purposes.

So then what should I put in each directory? Someone said to just rename your jpg to a .metathumb but do I put it as folder.metathumb?

No, if all of your file thumbs are metathumbs you will have to make your folder thumb the first thumb.

So you’ll have to use something like “1.metathumb”.