Problems with Blu-ray ISO files... need help please

Hi everyone,

I just put samples (short animated films) made in ISO from original blu-ray in movie-only files. They are on the Live Hub hard drive in a folder… When playing… there’s a delay of 4-5 seconds (black screen) and then starts playing in the middle of the file…or start playing then the video goes faster and the audio then is out of synch… weird… I tried 3-4 and it’s the same… ISO from dvd are perfect…and MP4 files no problem either… what is wrong that I did…thanks. Frank.

Blu-ray ISO support is spotty.  It depends entirely on how the Blu-ray was authored.

Check out this post:

for more information.

Even though that post is dealing with Subtitles, you can stop after step 3 and have a usable M2TS file that will play.

Tony… I’ve done tests with MKV files instead of ISO with success but can’t get chapters with DVDFab… how can I have that…also is there a way to convert back a MKV file to blu-ray if I want to burn a blu-ray disc after… I would prefer to have my ISO blu-ray files playing perfectly on the hub but didn’t success. How can I authored it correctly with DVDFab… all I want is movie-only in a ISO file with one language and forced subtitles if needed… thanks, Frank.

The reason some BDs start in the midle and play randomly is because the BD depends on PLAYLISTS to play the TS fragments in the same order.

Again, this is all explained in the guide I gave above.

I made 2 BD ISOs yesterday… both PIXAR animated shorts to see how it works… and because they are smaller files…

FOR THE BIRDS and LIFTED… both done with DVDFab in BD ISO without menus (movie-only) and one language no subtitles…simple… but they do work randomly or faster…

Hi Tony I read again your method… and now I understand something important… I scanned the 2 ISO files with BDInfo and now I can clearly see that they have more than one M2TS…(Pixar…)… that’s why they work badly… does that mean that If I have only one M2TS associated then it’s gonna work OK… ???

Generally, yes…

I just found the solution for BD-ISO. If they have more than one M2TS files (check with BDInfo) then there will be problems with the Live Hub… you need just one file… to do that… use tsMuxer GUI and redo the BD ripping by selecting Blu-ray disk as the output (can’t select ISO as the output)… after that, remake a new ISO one…then there’s gonna be only one file M2TS and it’s gonna work on the hub… tried it with 2 videos and it worked… Frank.

Yup…  Exactly as described in my guide…