Problems with Big Folders

Hi Folks,

it seems that My Cloud Home has problems with big folders. I got an MCH 8 TB and a folder with >6000 files on it. The folder isn’t accessible from Windows 10 File Explorer and is shown after a timeout as empty folder. Trying to access this folder causes MCH to be no more accessible from Windows 10 File Explorer.

MCH is still accessable from WebApp and MobileApp, but scrolling in the above folder is cumbersome to impossible in both Apps.

@WD: Do you have any remedy for that?

Thank you,


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Hi @ManfredH,

The engineering team is working on improving performance in regards to single folders containing many files. We expect to improve this feature in an upcoming update.

Thank you for your feedback.

Performance improvements for large folders will come in two shots. The first will improve the timeout issue when viewing the folder (issue you have observed). That should be ready to go pretty soon here. The second will improve file transfer performance and is a little bit further out from a release standpoint.

My Cloud Home Product Team