Problems WD Blue Caviar SE16 with Windows 7

I have 2 Caviar SE 16, wd2500ks drives. Neither of these will work with my BIOSTAR G31-M7 TE motherboard. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. The symptom is long pauses where the drive light is on solid for 30-60secs, and the machine pauses. After that it will begin responding again. This seems to happen on disk writes to new areas of the disk.  It happens every couple of minutes. When I run the WD data lifeguard diagnostics on either drive I get a cable test failed.

However when I use a Seagate 320 gb, Barracuda 7200.10, drive the PC with windows 7 Ultimate works absolutely fine with no freezes/pauses whatsoever with the same motherboard and peripheral configuration.
I have made sure that the bios and all drivers are up to date on the motherboard. I cannot find any firmware updates for the WD  drives. Is it possible the fact that the Caviar SE16 does not support Native Command Queuing could be a problem? Any one have any idea what is going on?

Can you turn off NCQ in the Bios?  If not this sounds like a compatibility issue.

i hav the same problem as u.

my motherboard is ASUS M4N78 Pro.My hard disk driver is WD64 00AACS-00M3B.

i must say that this problem not only happened in Win7 ,but also happened in FreeBSD 8-RELEASE.Maybe this is a unpublished  firmware bug.


i have the same problem with an wd1600js 3 year old!

it started 2 week ago!

i did a benchmark test on it and it seems that write speed is only 1 mb/s or lower in another test

but read speed is 35 mb/s wich i say is prety good!
when i try to download something or copy it becomes frozen!

the situation deteriored since iti started!
games, surfing the internet,watching movies,playing music runs perfect, but when iti comes on writing something on it is dead!

i’ve read over the past 3 days everything, over the internet,and i comed to the conclusion is slowely shuting down!

but everybody complained it started after doing an update!

i don’t remember exactly if i did one but i used to update my w7 everytime it was available!

i don’t know what to think

a driver problem is’nt the case because it took me over 3 hours to install w7 after the problem started, prior of this only 20 minutes!

it sure something obout the hdd!

if someboy comes with an solution i would be thankfull!
p.s. sorry for my bad english!

and on top of things it took me 3 hours to backup data on a dvd

i have another 2 to go