Problems Using the Functions while in a Network

My, My Book World Edition II 2TB (White) is connected to my Thomson Router/Modem, then, connected to my Samsung LED TV both via a LAN Cables. This Thomson Router/Modem is also connected by WiFi (ADSL 2+) to my ASUS Laptop. Basically, I want to download off the internet, then transfer the file to my MBWE II 2TB so I am able to watch what I have downloaded on my Samsung TV. Without having to move, or have my laptop tied to the network with any cables as I am in a wheelchair. I used to transfer the same files onto a WD external hard 500GB via an USB Cable, then get out of my lounge chair, into my wheelchair, remove the external hard drive from my laptop, wheel over to my TV and plug the external hard drive to my TV, wheel myself back to my lounge chair, transfer back, then watch the file, then get out of my lounge chair, transfer back into my wheelchair, wheel over to the TV, unplug the external hard drive, wheel back to the computer, plug the erxternal hard drive, erase the file, download another file, and do it all over again. I am just getting too tired to do this over and over again. These functions work while I was using the USB Cable and the WD External Hard Drive, but does not work using the MBWE II using the LAN Cable to connect the Network.

Hi there, is the TV able to read network shares or does it depend on a media server?

Tv has it’s own built in Media Player (Samsung UA60C6900), and the functions work well as long as I use a External Hard Drive via a USB Cable, but the functions do not work if I connect a Network.