Problems using My Cloud app with Android 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Starting the app and getting access to WD Mycloud 2.TB - no problem. I can see and open the Files (Photos, Music, pdf …) on the WD (3G or WLAN). I cannot copy any files from WD to Handy, to Dropbox or Goole Drive.  Same from Dropbox, Handy to WD.

I tried with Samsung S3 mini (Android 4.2.1). It works good. So I belive it dos not with Android 4.4.2 or with Galaxy Note 3.

Does anyone have the same problems?

Thank you for help. Support didn´t answer yet.

I just noticed, that MMueller408 has the same problem.

Hi, the files that you are trying to copy, are they saved on the internal phone memory or external SD card? 

The files are on the WD MaCloud. I want To copy them from the WD to Dropbox