Problems using Acronis WD Edition - NTLDR error

So, my original HDD was getting old as well as my husband’s so we decided to both replace our drives.

I bought a WD Black 750gb hard drive to replace my Toshiba as well as an external drive to help the process. I have windows 7, my husband has Vista.

Anyways, we decided to do my computer first since his is much more expensive and wanted to do a trial run on mine. I used WD’s Acronis to create a back up after I cleaned up my HDD, ran a chkdsk and cleaned up the registry etc. Verified the back up. Created a bootable CD using Acronis. Took out my Toshiba, popped in my new WD Black drive. Restarted, changed the boot order in BIOS to boot from the CD and used Acronis to clone onto the drive. Oh, I also partitioned it. I let it restart and changed boot order back to boot from the drive. I got the NTLDR error.

I restarted the process, created a new back up and verified it. Popped the new hard drive in, booted from CD, partitioned and cloned to new drive from the external drive; booted and still got NTLDR error.

I’ve redone this several times over the past few days, trying everything I can think of. Partitioning before cloning, after cloning; allowing new drive to boot while external is connected and while it’s not since I’ve been hearing mixed ideas on that when I tried to find out why I’m experiencing the error online.

I can’t seem to find any clear cut answers except some people talking about booting from a Windows disc and running repair, but my laptop never came with one (to my knowledge) and I don’t understand how that would help me in this situation since my original Toshiba drive boots fine (therefore its clone should, right?)

If anyone can lend any insight into this problem I’d be very grateful. Am I missing any steps in the process or not understanding a step? This is my last ditch attempt before abandoning Acronis and just getting a drive duplicator.


This error could appear if there’s an incorrect drive biometry or if there are issues with the MBR.

To make sure there is no problems with the drive use our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics to test the drive.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

If the drive comes fine and you still struggle cloning the drive after after trying the above suggestions, you could try considering migrating the data instead of cloning.