Problems to update the firmware

Dear all,

I’m trying to update the firmware of my new mybooklive from

MyBookLive 01.05.07 : MioNet

to the newest one.

In fact, in the web based interface to the drive, it tells me a new firmware is available. When I agree on the new download it takes ages to ask me for the installation to start, and when I finally tell the system to start the installation then it tells me there is a communication error 5657. Then when I try to do the update again, it tells me I have the newest version already installed, even if the system still reports:

MyBookLive 01.05.07 : MioNet

any help will be appreciated, thanks


What if you do it manually?

When I do it manually, I download the installation file and I can see (there is a % indicator) that the installation file gets uploaded to the drive. But then when the installation really starts the system gets frozen and provides me a message like Installation in progress that lasts for hours.

I’ve been reading on the forums that you can force the installation from linux, but I am not a linux guy, so I am not sure I can do that on my own. Do you believe this is a firewall problem?


It could be a firewall problem, and I’d suggest to do a direct connection (MBL directly yo your computer from the Ethernet cable) on this case…