Problems streaming movies wirelessly on my pc and PS3

I’m having problems streaming movies from my My Book World Edition 1 tb to my Windows XP or PS3.  I can get the movie to play but, the audio is not in sync with the video, and the movie freezes every 5 to 10 seconds. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Well it could be the video file itself. Have you checked the file independent of the my book>? Transfer that video file to your desktop and play it. Does it play normally?

It stutters on the pc as well. I changed the format and it plays ok now, but the quality is not that good. I’m having all kinds of problems with the program. is there a way to get in touch with customer support?

Try here

I still think its the file itself. Have you tried ANY OTHER files??

Yeah I’ve tried like five different kinds. Do you think it might be the software I’m using to put my movies on my hard drive?

It very might well be! Tell me what your doing. I can prob help. Ive been doing video files for awhile now!

Ok. Do you want to know how I’m copying my movies or how I’m accessing them through my ps3?

Both!! Start with how your copying movies!

Well I start by bring up the program of course.  Then I choose the command COPY DVD TO HARD DRIVE.  It then asks which drive to copy from.  I always copy from the DVD in d: drive.  I have the program set up to send my files directly to my  WD hard drive.  As soon as I choose the drive from which to copy from, the program does the rest.  Now to be able to stream that movie on my PS3 I have to change the format to one that can be played on the console. I can do that with the same program and I save that file to my Public Share file on my WD drive.  So to access that file I simply go to the video section on the PS3 home screen. In that section the console has recognized the WD drive.  I click on the WD icon open up the PUBLIC SHARE MY VIDEOS file, choose the video I want to watch and it begins to play.  I learned that by changing the format to one that was compatible to the PS3,  the stuttering went away but I lost video quality.

I use DVDfab to copy my movies into any format you like. They have a PS3 mode on there. You simply pop in the movie and then choose PS3 for output. Have you tried this? DVDfab is free and you can use it as long as you want. They update almost once every two weeks as well. Give that a shot for clear and non-stuttering movies!

Ok I will definitly give that a shot and let you know how that turned out. Hey I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to help me out with this matter.

No prob! Please give kudos and accept solution when done!

Let me know how it goes.