Problems since changing to Netgear CG3100D Modem/Router

Hi all, this is my first post so I hope you won’t mind me posting my problem:

Using a MacBook Pro laptop, I can’t log in to my WD MyBook Live - the connection just times out from the Finder and I can’t change the login credentials (Connect As… won’t work).  

To clarify, the drive appears in Finder but it just won’t log in.  I also can’t access the Dashboard.  This has all started since I changed my internet from adsl to cable which obviously meant getting a new modem.

Previously, with a Thomson TG782T modem the MyBook worked via a port forward connection.  I swapped back to it and it magically works again.  So the new router is obviously the problem.  I don’t think its faulty, but is there a setting or two I should be changing?

As stated in the subject line, the new modem is a Netgear CG3100D, and UPnP is definitely switched on.

Thanks very much

1st: With the new modem/router, do all your computers work fine? Is there internet access as well?

if the above is correct, did you power off/on the MBL while switching routers?

The only thing I can think of, assuming you are plugging everything correctly on the new modem/switch and did NOT set the MBL to static IP is: MBL was not rebooted and it still have its DHCP IP from previuous modem.

The default network ranges are:

Netgear: 192.168.0.x

Thomson: 192.168.1.x

Also, while connected to the Netgear, get inside the modem/router “LAN IP” settings and check the DHCP client lease table.