Problems setting up permissions on My ebook live 3TB

Hi! I´m here to ask if it possible create a folder in the device and  inside this folder create a subdirectory wich only can be accessed by only 2 users (of the 3 users that i created before). The 3 computers who has access to the external disk are running with Windows 7 SP1.

Im asking this because i try to manage the permissions access with the Windows 7 options but i can only add the total control feature to the user who create the subdirectory (for some reason i can´t add other users to have access to this subdirectory).

 I hope i made myself clear and apologizing  for my english, Thank you very much for your time.

No, you cannot do that.

Permissions on NASes are controlled at the SHARE level, not the FOLDER level.

Ok, thank you very much for your quick answer :stuck_out_tongue: