Problems setting ShareSpace up for backups

I have several problems.

First, with the WD Anywhere Backup software… it apparently doesn’t actually know where Documents are with Vista, so practically none of my data would be backed-up using that software.  It’s showing 0KB, 0 files. 

Second, the software cannot find the device, via Auto-Detect to register it without having to pay for it.

Third, in Microsoft Backup I get to the screen where I point to the directory on the ShareSpace where I want the backup to go, but when I enter authentication info, I get the error message “The network share could not be accessed for the following reason: Cannot create a file when the file already exists.  (0x800700B7)  Please ensure that the network location is valid.”  It creates a folder with a guid in {}.

How do I use my ShareSpace without getting these kinds of errors?

Well your first issue sounds like you are using a really old version of WDAB. Have you tried updating first to the latest version?

Regarding your second issue i’ve never seen it occur, however it sounds like one of two things may be going on. The first is that you have a network issue (firewall blocking something, bad switch or router, etc.) and you can determine this by hooking the ShareSpace up to a different network (Take it to a friends house or something). If the same issue occurs than you know it’s not the network. If this is the case than you should get the drive replaced by WD.