Problems rolling back firmware

So, I installed the latest 1.04 frmware on my WD TV live box - it plays files from my DVR (windows 7) but it shows *.wtv and dvr-ms - and of course locks up on the *.wtv files. It plays the dvr-ms files, but if a FF past commercials - it shows the spinning blue circle over the show - and moving to other screens the audio still plays. Have to pull the power cord.

Anyway I thought I would roll back to the last version that worked great for me 1.03.35 Beta - but when I do HDMI does not work. Rolling back to 1.02.21 doesn’t give me HDMI either. - Yes i know how to change the versioning…

Anyone else see this issue with HDMI out? I have a 42" philips that works fine with everything else. Trying to force any HDMI setting from the WDTV unit fails as well. So now i am stuck on the current firmware that **bleep**!!!

I really thought that the 1.03.35 Beta signalled good things to come, but WD has let me down. Sadly Google TV is no better - my Logitech Revue updated to something that plays nothing from DLNA server. Thank goodness it was free - but I am mad I spent $100 on this WD TV junk.

After you do a firmware rollback, try pressing the reset button, then go into the WD setup and select  ‘restore to factory defaults’, then reboot your WD box (turn it off and back on), and see if that helps.