Problems opening a file after view a previous file

I’ve recently bought WD TV live media player Gen 3.  I’ve had problems with the device. After accessing one file I can’t play a new movie file. The player just starts replaying the first. I’ve changed sources but it always just returns to playing the first file. Also the menu screen lags very badly almost to the point of freezing. A device reset corrects the problem but only temporally. The problem was so server (happened every time) that I returned and replaced the play with a new one. While the problem isn’t as acute it has occurred with the new one as well.

Both players were updated.

Can anyone suggest anything or explain the problem.


Have you verified if the issue remains if you try using the previews version of the firmware?

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center or WD TV Live Streaming Media Player 

I was having the same problem, so i did the roll back to 1.12. now its ok.

one thing that I ll never understand is every upgrade comes with more problem than solution.

 I don’t think that the people who program wd media player uses it.

I really like this player that is why I’m complaining I want to it to get improved at each upgrade and not other way around.