Problems getting the mycloud running properly


I got thr 2TB mycloud friday.

been trying to get it to run properly

I did the firmware update, factory reset and what not…

at first the my cloud app found it in the network, then it didnt anymore, just did the setup, still not working.

mycloud app says internet is down, although I’m on wifi.

asking for an access code or logging in on only gives me error messages

I tried turning cloud access off and then on again, cause I read here that helps. but not for me:/

so by now, I don’t know what to do anymore.

please help me out so I can finally use the thing.

awaiting your answert

There is a service outage on the My Cloud service right now. Check the sticky thread at the top of the forum for status.

keyser24 wrote:


awaiting your answert

You might also klick on the envelope at the top right window indicating local private mails :wink: