Problems Exporting Aperture Photos to MyBookLive Duo

Whilst exporting from Aperture on my iMAC to MyBookLive Duo the WD correctly displays ‘XXXfile exporting’. When finished an on-screen pop up message  informs me that the export is complete.  However, just lately with some file transfers, although I am getting the ‘completed’  message on screen(and the rotating transfer indicator at the bottom of the Aperture screen has gone)  the finished file on the WD is still displaying the message ‘exporting’.  I don’t understand why this is happening - it seems fairly random. Some files have taken over 5 exports before the ‘exporting’ message is not displayed on the WD.  To check the credibility of an exported fiie I always re-import it to Aperture anyway and on a different MAC - just to be sure!  Never a problem retrieving correctly exported files but sometimes the fies still displaying ‘exporting’ will re-import the original file exactly but at other times they won’t open at all.  Any ideas please???


Have you tried exporting the files to another location to verify if the problem happens again? 

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Yes I have exported to other locations (external WD HDDs) but never had the problem on any of those. It seems intermittant on the Duo - transferred a few photo files to-day, including a 3.8 Gb movie file, without a problem. Frustrating having to check ‘Duo’ files by re-importing them to prove their existence is ‘robust’.