Problems copying from Windows 11 to PR4100

Anyone having problems copying data from Windows 11 local drives to PR4100? I can copy data (various formats) to an external USB attached drive, but trying to copy to the PR4100 the file copy process stalls at 0% and never starts, nor completes. Reboots, updates, nothing works to resolve this. I have the PR4100 mapped in Windows 11 using UNC. I can copy files fine from my Windows 10 computer using same UNC mapping to the PR4100… must be something with Windows 11 and an incompatibility with the Linux OS file system perhaps? Anyone else seeing this?

I do have OS5 on the PR4100

Hi @MaMi2020,

Please be informed that drive PR4100 is compatible with the following devices:

  • Windows® 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating systems
  • macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks or Mountain Lion operating systems
  • DLNA®/UPnP® or Plex-enabled devices for streaming
  • Router with an Internet connection

Supported browsers

  • Internet Explorer® 10 or higher
  • Safari 6 or higher
  • Firefox® 30 or higher
  • Google Chrome™ 31.0 or higher on supported Windows and Mac OS platforms

Compatibility may vary depending on the user’s hardware configuration and operating system.

It should not be a problem with Windows 11. I have a DL4100 and the base firmware of the DL4100 is more-or-less the same as the PR4100. The Wife’s laptop has Windows 11 and mine is Windows 10 (I’m not upgrading to Windows 11 yet) and both can access the WD NAS without problems.

I’m not dismissing that you’re experiencing a problem.

What are these two options set-up as on your PR4100?


As shown, those two options work. I’m using SMB 1 because some apps on my phone don’t use SMB 2 or SMB 3.

I can access the drive fine in Windows explorer. Map it fine. But moving data to and from the drive stalls immediately. Thanks for the replies everyone. I have changed all the network settings on the PR4100, changed the SMB variables to all possible choices and rebooted the NAS after each choice, OS5 is up to date. I have multiple windows 10 machines, and iphone and Android apps that access copy up/down without issue.
This is a new Dell XPS i just bought. First machine i have not built myself… The could be something with bloatware or a firewall. I may wipe the machine and load vanilla windows on it…