Problems coping to WD Elements 1.5 TB


I have my WD TV live media player working now, but have a new problem.  I connected the WD elements to the WD live media.  The media finds the  hard drive, but when i attempt to copy  files between my computer and the external hard drive, it does not copy.  The  folder  is  empty. Before, I had  problems with my live media connecting to the network the copy function worked just fine. Now, I can reach the network  but  unable to  copy anything.  All  advice is  welcomed.  Suzanne  

I’ve had some issues with the File Management function myself.

If I try to DELETE a file from NAS, the device will do the delete, but then immediately reboot itself.

Copy/Move functions just didn’t work right, but I wasn’t sure if it was me not doing the function right or the WDTV…