Problems connecting to mycloud from android tv box using the apps wd mycloud and wd photos

I have a new android tv box OTT M8 which is now connected to my LAN via ethernet.  I can intermittently connect to my wd mycloud using the pre-loaded media player app on the box, but I figured that using the WD mycloud app and WD photos app would be more reliable.  In fact these apps cannot connect to the mycloud at all.  The mycloud app tells me that there are problems connecting and that I should connect manually.  I tried this by generating an access code which I input and it told me the code was invalid.  The wd photos app complains that there is no internet access, and yet I can press the broadband button for the android box and get straight onto google.  So I am stuck.  So far I have found the WD Mycloud system to be very troublesome and unreliable, not fit for purpose in my view.

Any help with this would be great please.

I have no idea how this device works but from the “press the broadband button” comment it sounds like it dosn’t have internet access all the time.

there is an option in the apps to connect to local devices which I believe will work for you