Problems cloning drive with true Image WD edition

I’m trying to clone my old 250G  WD scorpio drive to a new 500G scorpio drive, running Windows Vista

I’m using Acronis True Image WD edition

I selected ‘clone’, and ‘as is’

It said I needed to reboot - done that

The PC restarted - I logged back on - but nothing popped up to tell me what was happening

I restarted True Image - and there is a task ‘Clone Disk’ - but it appears to be stuck at ‘Locking partion C:…’

It’s been going an hour now with no apparent progress - I know it won’t be quick - but I did expect to see some sign of progress

OK - have it working now

Went through the whole sequence of setting up the clone task again, and as before, it asked to reboot

However, this time when it restarted, it started with it’s own app, and completed the cloning in about 2 hours

Still don’t know why it failed th first time, I did nothing different, but happy it’s now done the job

I have another question regarding cloning

I have two WD20EARS.

If i get a 4tb drive and partion it in two partitions would i be able to clone my 2 2tb wd drives into each of those partitions?