Problems after updating firmware (to 1.01.77)

Just updated my WD TV (after having trouble opening video files) to firmware 1.01.77. It recognizes and opens the video files now, however, it takes about 2 minutes (!) to get the video started. Very annoying! Furthermore, if I forward or pause the video, the device doesn’t react to the remote control at all anymore.

Anyone with similar experiences or solutions?

I tried to re-install the firmware, but apparently it doesn’t recognize the required files as more recent than the installed version, so I don’t even get the option to update in the menu.

I think you are in the wrong forumsection.

The firmware is for WD TV Second Gen

Check this thread:

i bought my media player about 2 months ago, it was working fine then all of a sudden started running very oddly. Took, like you, about 2 minutes to play anything. I can pause but if i want to play again it takes another 2 minutes for the video to start up. I cant fast forward or rewind because if i try to press play it will respond after about 2 minutes, by that point, im so far out of the loop its pointless to continue. Such a head **bleep**, how the hell do i fix this bull**bleep**!

Rezet did to the device?