Problems after the latest IO3 Android update!

Since the latest app IO3 update I have been experiencing a few problems which I hope someone can help.

After the update I found that my MP3 files, although listed, would not play on both my phone and tablet. No problems with my PC, network audio player or smart tv they are working fine.

I reinstalled the app on both devices only to find that I was now unable to log in, on both it told me that there was an error. Odd as they have been fine for 4 years!

I am at the end of my tether I have run out of ideas so any suggestions would be more than appreciated.
Thank you.


I recognized the same problem since yesterday.

After some research i came across the SSL-Security-Certificate which isnt valid anymore since the 08/21.

Using your webbroser you will be able to accept the invalid certificate and use the non-secure way to access your data.

The APP will only work again if WD will renew their SSL-certificate.