Problems accessing using xbox one

So I’ve had the same problem described here
Enter Network Password? but using my xbox one. I sorted it out on my laptop using the net use * /delete as suggested. But I can’t work out how to do that on my xbox.

These are shares that I had public, removed from public, set to full access on my admin account, but now I get asked for a username and password. however even giving this username and password (including the domain) doesn’t work.

Hello, as far as I am aware you cannot map a network drive on the Xbox One, how are you trying to access the drive?

It’s not mapping no, it’s accessing via the network shares in VLC. It
accesses via device names in my workgroup. So this one is WDMyCloudMirror.
But then I get asked for domain, username and password. The one I setup
doesn’t work. I’M guessing because I accessed the device before I added a
password, as suggested in the linked post. What with the xbox running a
Microsoft os and the error message and scenario being the same

Hi, I don’t think is supported other than using the My Cloud as a media server, which is not the way that you are trying to use it. However if you think of the Xbox as a computer I would fill the user name as driveip\username maybe that way you might be able to connect.