Problems accessing files and folders on Windows Home Server

I am storing all my media content on shared folders on my Windows Home Server. My WD TV Live is connected via a cable network. When I log on to the server as a media server, no music folders containing FLAC files are displayed. Folders containing WMA and mp3 files are shown, but only mp3 files can be played. Trying to play the WMA files, the WDTVlive skips past all files (one-by-one) and finally displays the message ”Unable to play the selected file. Please refer to the user manual for a list of supported formats”.

In the Video shared folder none of the ISO files ar shown, and no folders containing VOB files.

Connecting through shared network, the main heading says ”Music”, and all the other shared folders are listed as subheadings. All music files ar now listed, and FLAC files can be played. WMA files are still skipped with the final message sited above.When I try to access the shared Video folder, I am told that there is no media in the current folder.

After all the positive reviews I have read about the WDTVlive, it turns out to be the most complicated piece of hardware to set up that I have come across. It is a bit dissapointing and very frustrating. The manual doesn’t seem to be of much help. What do I do wrong?