Problème My Passport et Mac Yosemite


my Passport Ultra 1 Tetra don’t work with my I Mac (yosemite). It Started  and deseapered a few seconds after, someone can help me?


Hi, welcome to the community,

Have you tried a different USB cable? Have you tried a different USB port? Have you tried a different computer? Do you hear any sound or clicking noise from the drive?

yes, i 've try to change pc and usb port (not the cable), the My Passport is ok with another mac and my IMac is ok with an other Hard drive

Hi, if your drive works fine on a different computer, I really don’t think is the drive. You might want to use disk utilities first aid to check the drive itself, however you might want to also do a first aid on your mac hard drive.

Possible answer in the following thread: Passport Icon color - #3 by Alpha_8itch