Problem with WD5000BEVT (500gb)

In a current of month I write letters in support of WD Europa and USA, speaking about a problem with disk WD, and not to time have not received the answer!! It that, such policy WD of support of service for buyers from Russia??

“I disturb you on the following arisen problem.
In 5.2009 me the hard disk in Russia WD5000BEVT (s/n WXN409S74256) has been bought. It has been got in Internet-shop,  in two months this shop has closed, and in two months the got disk has ceased to work. At the reference to site administration to me have told that a direction computer accessories they have closed in connection with crisis and help me can nothing (- documents all are lost) and have advised to address in a distributor at which in due time did purchases - as later I have found out they are almost the largest distributors of production Western Digital. I have contacted this, to be exact with Katrova Julia (- assistant Lilija Sigitulina) and has told to it about the arisen problem, on what the answer has been received - address in the authorised service centre Western Digital, on a question - “where it is?” I have received the answer - “We do not know!” . After short searches it is found out that interests of service Western Digital are represented by the company, having called there I has received the answer - “With persons (-consumer) we do not work! Call in the Russian representation WD!!”. I have called there, technical expert Oleg Leontev on my questions - “What to do and where to address?” In the playful form I have answered “I do not know!” But at a certain
hard line should take from you these goods back, or the service centre as at them exists the arrangement on cooperation - that is Kotrova Julia has intentionally misled me, having told to me that -” Don’t know of authorised service centres WD ".
The hard disk is identified on the world database of production Western Digital that a guarantee the reference in any world service the centre on their repair already is, moreover - on a database it too is registered as sold through this firm. All companies, which participated in sale to me not the qualitative goods - refuse in its service!! I ask you to understand with a current situation!!

Best **bleep**ing warranty regards from Russia, Alexey.

I’ve escalated your case to our Technical Support Manager and someone will be contacting you, shortly, through email. 

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Thanks Bill, I will hope…

Thanks James,  thanks Dallas!