Problem with WD20EARS-00MVWB0

I’ve used this drive for about 6 months. Recently I started to have problems in Windows 7, every time when going to sleep mode I got a blue screen and it crashed. I reinstalled Windows (deleted partitions and did a full format). Now when I install Windows it freezes on same point on the install progress, it looks like there is bad sectors on the drive or something. If I deny Windows7 to make that extra 100mb partition and just make two partitions install goes slightly longer, so it looks like it hangs every time when it writes in the same area on the HD. S.M.A.R.T. test is fine, I also did extended test and it went fine too, I bought another WD20EARS and reproduced same steps than with the old drive and everything is fine.

So with the old drive Windows crashes when going to sleep (writing whats on the memory to large file on the C: partition) and also crashes on install when it tries to copy files to certain area on the disk. To me it seems that there are bad sectors or something but still all tests goes fine with WD DLGDIAG.

This drive is also reported as IDE on DLGDIAG (1.22) while other WD drives are SATA, is that normal?

Anyway, should I RMA this?

I ran the DLGDIAG Write Zeros, it finished but at the end I got “failed to update disk property” error message.

Is the drive configured for legacy or IDE compatibility mode in your BIOS?

Sorry, IE9 messed that previous reply.

Only option similar I can find is “Onchip SATA Mode” IDE, RAID and AHCI. I’ve set it to AHCI. I received new WD20EARS yesterday and had the same problem with it. I’m puzzled what the problem is as this problem hasn’t been occurring before, also I also tried Samsung HD103SJ F3 yesterday and I don’t have this problem with it.

To clarify, I booted from Windows 7 DVD, deleted and created new partitions (100mb, 30gb, 1800+gb) during the install progress whet it installs drivers it hangs, mouse still moves but all HD activity stops. If I create partitions (30gb, 1800+gb) install progress goes a little further.

No problems with other hard drives.