Problem with WD My Passport Essential 500GB


First of all, I’m new to this community and my apologies if I missed out on this topic being posted already. =)

I’ve been using my HDD for about 3 years now. I remember I had a problem on the device a few months after I bought it but I was able to fix it by reformatting since I only had a few files stored that time and I could re-transfer my files. Now, since I have so many files stored already, I don’t want to go on a reformatting process. Here’s what my problem is:

I’ve been trying to transfer my MP3 files from my HDD to my laptop. I would select all the files and copy them to my desktop. First few minutes the transferring seems fine. In the middle of the process, transferring freezes and then my laptop lags. I try ejecting the HDD and connect it to my laptop again and start the whole process again. After that, I would still have the same outcome. I tried this on Mac and still the tranferring freezes. I’m not sure if this problem applies in transferring video files since I haven’t tried it. But my coworkers borrowed my HDD and transferred a few video files. They said they haven’t encountered any problems.

Is there any way to fix this problem? I am in need of assistance. Thank you in advance.


Might be that some of the files that you are transferring are corrupted.

Please try moving a few files first and then the rest to see if you can identify a corrupted file.