Problem with uploading

Hello every one.
I use the mycloud mirror as backup for my project in the work.

I have three problem with mycloud mirror
a) The projects are not appear with alphabetic queue in the cloud (on the internet)
b) When i create a file (for example a folder) and after that i change the name in my computer, in the internet still appears both the files. This is very annoyng because everywhere there is empty folders or duplicate files
c) Recently i descover that somes files (a lot) are missing from most of the projects even if there is a lot of time and space to upload them

d) I will interesting to use the mycloud as connection between the two computers that we use at the office. What i mean. i want to create and work with a file and this file i want to appear to the other computer and the other employers can work at this file (like home network)

any help to use my cloud as drodbox?