Problem with .SRT files


I have a problem with .SRT files. 

When I read it from the hard drive of the Wd Tv Live Hub, there is no problem.

But when I want to play it from my PC (windows 7 64bits) via Windows Media Server, my WD Tv Live Hub doesn’t read the subtitles. 

Any solutions ?

Thx a lot.


Wd Tv Live Hub, latest Firmware, plug to Freebox V5, PC connect with WIFI to the Freebox V5

That was answered here. Media Servers can only ‘serve’ certain files. Use Network Shares if you want to see everything.

I know, I wrote this post. But first, the topic was more about MKV, and second, tell me if I’m wrong, nobody gave me a solution. That’s why I post it here with this subject, to see if somebody has a solution. (another good media server for exemple.)

Thx tough

The quick and easy solution is to try Network Shares instead of a Media Server.

Ok Thx, I’ll try that tonight !