Problem with srt files


I’ve bought a WD My cloud 2TB. I’ve synchronised all my video’s (MKV, mp4 + SRT).
In some of the videos the srt file works and some they doesn’t.

Can someone explain this to me please?

Is there a solution?


how did you play those videos?
from TV or media player?
are you sure file name of .srt is exactly same as file name of videos?

I’ve player it on My tv and on My PlayStation 4, both no succes. File name and SER name are exactly. Some files work other don’t

Plenty of previous discussion of problems with SRT files, that may help.

Does the same SRT file fail to properly play on BOTH the TV and Playstation? If so there is a problem with the SRT file formatting. It is not unusual for the SRT file one obtains from the Internet to be improperly formatted.

Yes same file.
How do i reformat My srt file? Which one is the right one?

The following link gives a general idea of how an SRT file is supposed to structured.

More than once I’ve downloaded a subtitle that was missing the empty line at the end after the last subtitle entry which causes the subtitle not to display.

on my pc, when i play the movie with VLC player, the subs are visible…
I will look after the files but i don’t think this is the reason…

When using your PC & VLC, are you accessing the file server on the MyCloud, or the media server?

Some media players are more tolerant of malformed SRT files than others. Some media players do not support SRT files at all. Another option, if you obtained the SRT file from an online site, is to try obtaining a different SRT file from a different SRT file hosting site.

Yes in All occasions the video plays from My wd cloud…

But from the file server running on the MyCloud, or the media server running on the MyCloud?

These two services use entirely different access protocols (SMB/AFP/NFS for the file server, DLNA/UPnP for the media server), and behave entirely differently.

I thank the file server, i open it with My computer via ip adres