Problem with Persian subtitle rendering

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I have purchased a WD TV Live device about two weeks ago. Great media player, but the major issue for me and people like me is watching movies with Persian subtitle. It is written in the User Manual that the device can read and render unicode subtitles especially subtitles with UTF-8 text encoding. But it seems that it’s not able to support unicode encodings as it has to be. Persian and Arabic alphabets are the same, just different in few letters or signs. Any device, any software, and anything that supports the unicode text encoding, should be able to support the Persian text. Other encodings like “Arabic (Windows-1256)” that is present in WD TV Live via Settings > System Settings > Additional Encoding Support is completely compatible with Persian alphabet.

I’m not saying that WD TV Live doesn’t support Unicode, UTF-8 or Arabic (Windows-1256) encodings, because it does. But shows some specific letters always in their separated form whereas they might be in their joined form. I hope this picture helps:





Number 1 is the correct form that programs like Notepad and media player softwares (I’m not going to name them here) shows the text like this.

Number 2 is the wrong form. WD TV Live renders the text like this.

This is the typed text in above picture: گل پژمرده

This issue makes the subtitles unreadable or annoyingly readable. I hope WD staffs solve this small bug (?) in upcoming firmware updates. I’m using the latest firmware version, 1.04.10_V.

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Can you upload the picture elsewhere? All I see is a placeholder image.

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Thanks for the bug report. I’ll forward this to the development team.

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I still have that problem in the lastest firmware 1.04.17

Please do something or you will really lose your market at the related regions because nearly al of other players are now support this simple feature.


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