Problem with my WD external hdd


2 day before i plugin my WD HDD and i got masage that drive needed to be formated ??? I had around 200 GB important files on it so i almost start to cry.

Then i started chkdsk command from dos and my data get back

But case is that i now have some yelow marks in my SMART report  and  if i test it in WD Smart ware, quick drive test is FAILED, complete drive FAILED

This external HDD is old FEW months and its under garanty and i wish to replace it cos i dont want to see any errors on my backup storage. Plz, take a look at pic and tell me what to do

Thx for any info

i will try to fix my issues as  Mabkay wrote on this site.

If i dont succseed with his methods, can i return my HDD ?

Hi there, If the drive is under warranty, you can request a replacement of the drive .

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i manage to fix my problem…it was some kind of sw error

my reseler told me if problem persist we will change HDD

I buy one more WD but iternal HDD with 1TB so im doing backup often as possible.

Sry about pic, i didnt know that im not able to show that serial number !

Bye Bye

Happy to read that, At your service anytime.