Problem with my Router recognizing MY HDD

Hello I just bougt my WD mycloud and my router which is a DLink ADSL N300 router. My ISP is MTNL and I am in Mumbai. For some reason My HD doesnt show up on my network like it should ,I took it to my friends house who has the same ISP MtNL and has the MTNL router when I plugged the HDD into his roueter the HDD shows up without me having to do anything is there a setting on my DLink  router I am misssing?

Can someone help


Make sure the firewall on the router is not the issue. Disable it just for troubleshooting purposes.



I am also having the same issue. Disabled firewall, LED is still Blue colour. The problem persits, still. Any alternative solution? Thanks.

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is DHCP enabled on your router ?

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Yes it is 

it is possiable the router has an problem. I have had a couple of router get flaky over the years

since the mycloud works at another location I would take it there ans set a static IP address outside of the DHCP pool on your router. I always suggest a static IP for any network resource as it avoids a lot of issues.