Problem with My Passport and XP HELP

At first excuse me for my bad english ^^

My Hardware-Assistent from Windows XP cannot find some driver, that I can use " My Passport Essential "

The Problem: Because of a big mistake from me, there are no files on this device any more

I try to fixed that. I load from the WD Hompage the Firmware Update and the Software Upgrader, but it helpes not.

What can I do???

For basic use you don’t need a separate driver, if you already have Windows XP with SP1 or SP2.

Please note: You’ll not receive any update from Microsoft unless you have SP3. If you have SP3, you’ll get SES driver from MS download site automatically.

Or you can download SES driver from WD site from here.

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Ok thank you very much…but how can I install this? There is no setup to install this…


Login as an Administrator (Your account may have admin rights - check)

Extract the ZIP file contents in to a new folder you can remember.

Press WIN Key + R Key.

On RUN dialog box type, devmgmt.msc (Make sure you have subjected drive connected)

On Device Manager and look for other devices listed; if so click on + and expand the list.

Right click on the other device and choose Update Device Software.

Select Browse My Computer for driver software

Navigate to the folder you have created in the second step.

Note: Installing SES driver will only stop Windows prompt for new device found circus. If you have other issues on your WD drive related; they need to be addressed separately.