Problem with loading dashboard WD Mycloud

The Dashboard page of my WD Mycloud 2TB is loading extremely slowly. A few seconds after entering my username and password I receive the message in my browser that the webpage could not be loaded.

It is very strange for me that only the menu-bar of the Dashboard is visible, it is not possible to click on a menu topic.

I hold the reset button for 40 seconds for a reset, after that access to the whole Dashboard via the browser was no longer a problem.

But… after restarting the Mycloud the same problem occurs.

It is a big problem that it is not possible to configure a back-up. Reading the files on the Mycloud is not a problem

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Thank you.

Hello Wimpey,

As you are facing problems with loading dashboard of My Cloud after 40 second reset, you should move all content from My Cloud to another storage device and perform a full factory restore.

  1. Copy (not cut and paste) all content needed from the My Cloud to another storage device using Windows Samba or macOS Finder
  2. After the copy process has completed, verify that all content needed as been saved to the secondary location
  3. Delete the content from all My Cloud Shares
  4. Hibernate, Power Off and Power On the My Cloud. Then log into the My Cloud Dashboard and perform a Quick Factory Restore

You may refer below link to restore a My Cloud (single bay) device to factory default settings.

I have this problems 2 times, i thinks you need try step of me:
Go Dashboard and click Wait website, and click click. This happens over a period of> 4 minutes.
Next time, you need see Dashboard will work, you should quickly access “Setting” -> tab “General” -> disable “Cloud Access” and click “Save”
Note: Don’t hesitate to do this quickly as the login session will end later 5 min
Good luck!

Your lucky you can get that far. I cant even login. Keeps saying the password is wrong. I can access MyCloud but can’t access Dashboard at all. Any solutions ?

reset 40s, later try again

Try a 4 second reset which should reset the admin password to default (blank).

I am sorry for the late reply, I sent my WD to the shop for a few weeks but they could not find any solution.

Yesterday I tried your work around and… it works! After clicking several minutes I could enter the dashboard and disable the Cloud access. The firmware was outdated so I manually downloaded the latest firmware on the WD website for a manual update via the dashboard.
Thank you for your help!

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haha you’re welcome