Problem with internal disk 320gb

Good i was working on my pc, windows pop-up a message which said: ‘‘Windows detected a problem with your hard drive’’ It also said that i had to do backup and to replace my hard drive immediately. I installed hd sentinel and diagnostic tool from WD so i attach images to tell me your opinions.Thanks in advance

Should i go for replacement?

Mate, don’t waste time and replace your unit.

My friend thank you first of all but what do you mean exactly?to sent it to wd for replacement or to buy a new one?

please someone??

Hi you need to find out if the drive is in warranty. If you go here and click warranty check it will tell you. . If the drive is still under warranty then click the Product replacement  RMA link and follow that through to RMA your drive. If you want to make sure it is a warranty replaceable hard drive with those errors please contact WD support  from this link

thank you.i was worried for the last one you i will send an e-mail to be sure

backup your data ASAP

you arer lucky to have the drive working now… if damage afects firmware in the platters you will not be able to retrieve your data without a recovery company

best regards