Problem with HDMI (red lines on screen)

Hello all, maybe I can get an answer here.

I bought 2 (two) WD TV LIVE’s from the same seller. One of them I kept for myself and one of them I gave as a gift to my Father. Mine worked beutifuly out of the box with 1080p and everything. My father did not have an HD TV at the time so he just used the composite cable. 

My father just bought the exact same HD TV I have, but when I went to his house to connect it with an HDMI output it wouldn’t work, just get a bunch of redlines with the WD logo and then nothing. I told him to buy a new HDMI cable (he bought one from the same store and same make) still nothing !.

Got it home with me, just replaced my own WDTV Live, with his, using the same TV and Same Cables, still nothing. I updated the firmware (of both) and re-checked all the settings, BOTH BOXES are the same (EXACTLY) , but the 2nd WDTV Live box WILL NOT output with the HDMI PORT 

Is it the actual WDTV Live ?.. I know there aren’t that many variables left, cause I absolutley tried everything, but did anyone her encounter the same problem?

I think you already suspect the answer…

If two identical boxes (Same model, same firmware) are attaching to the same TV using the same HDMI cable, and one works while the other doesn’t, it sure sounds like a dead HDMI port to me…

Yeah, thought so too, but you always hope right, especially since I bought both of them from the same seller on E-Bay, and his ID does not exist anymore… I bought them last October, does the WD warranty still hold ?.. Duh, have no idea… but would still be curious is anyone else had the same problem… 

All you can try is opening a case with WD Tech Support, provide a valid Serial Number for the dead unit, and see if they’re willing to RMA it.   The worst that would happen is they say “No.”