Problem with file permission

Hi everyone

I’m totally new here. I have My Book Live for a couple of month now.

The problem I encountered is that when I open a file for editing (file stored in MBL)

and I want to send that file via gmail while I opened it.

After the mail has been sent I returned to the program to continue editing that file.

then I want to save the file. It will not allow me to save according to the file was being opened

with other program or the file is being read-only. I found out that I have to close the browser before

I can save that file. It’s pretty annoying that if I don’t know what program that open the file

I have to save in different name or save in other location. Then I will have a lot of duplicated file

in the long run.

Can anyone suggest me a solution?


If you’re talking a about Windows Office files, that is a limitation with Microsoft office since the 2003 version. What you can do is simple copy the file to the PC that you’re using and when you finish, copy the file back to the remote PC. 

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Thanks Alucard for your reply. I’m appreciated that.

Actually, the file that I was editing is illustrator file. I don’t know that this is the limitation of this drive.

So this drive seems to be a backup drive more than a files sharing drive I first thought if it has this kind of limitation.

I’ve checked myself once again and there was totally my mistake that it’s also the same behavior when edit and send AI file, the same file at the same time whereas the file located in local harddisk.

It means that Illustrator CS6, in my case, cannot save whilst the file has been opened elsewhere which is Internet Explorer.

So sorry for my mistake