Problem with creating a playlist

I am having an issue with Mybook Live NAS and creating a playlist that works with my DLNA devices (PS3 and a Samsung D5700 Blu-ray player).

Both devices can see my music placed in the \Mybooklive\public\Shared Music (music is organized by artist, then album, then mp3 file) directory but when I make a playlist, neither device shows any music in the playlist. 

I have tried exporting  a playlist from iTunes, as well as using programs like iTunes Export and the odd Gravity playlist creator (tried all three types of playlist options) and none will allow either device to show music for that playlist.

Here is an example of my playlist stored in the Shared Music folder:

file name: 1test.m3u

#EXTINF:267,Dream On - AeroSmith
\Mybooklive\public\Shared Music\AeroSmith\Pandora’s Toy\04 Dream On.mp3

Can someone help me in figuring out why my playlists will not display my music?

Ignore Twonky, can the files play when you open the playlist via media shares? If you can’t then the playlist was done wrong.

I did try running the playlist from Windows media player by opening the playlist from an explorer window and that worked so i believe the format is correct. I also have been able to use the playlist created by itunes export with my andoid phone.

I did get an email from WD saying that the Twonky Media server did not support created playlist, only thier default playlists (highly rated, recently played, etc). 

I guess my next step is to contact Twonky and verify that user created playlists cannot be played.

Don’t waste your time.   It’s correct.

You cannot use user-created playlists via Twonky.

For one thing, Twonky doesn’t have a clue how to access windows shares, and that’s what you’ve specified in your playlist format.