Problem with Backup freeze


I have been using WD Smartware for over 1 year and was doing automatic backups probably every 2-3 weeks and everything went fine, I connected the drive, launched Smartware and backup started.

Now the first tab ‘Home’ shows the on-going ‘Caterorizeing you files’ and does not seem to be doing anything

The second tab ‘Backup’ shows ‘59,95MB of 7,68GB Copied’ and nothing moves at all !

I stopped it, closed everything, restarted laptop, started again Wmartware and I have the same happening !

Would anyone have a clue ? I have added the 2 screenshots below

Many thanks for your help,


Hello, welcome to the community.

What version of the Smartware you have? Have you tried updating it?


Thank for your answer and I do have an older version and am so afraid to update it as I really do not want to loose my backup data.

I never updated it as it was working fine before, but maybe I should do !

Best regards,