Problem with acces to new created directory, permission problem, windows 10

I created new user, called: testowy. Setup password and set quota to 100 MB. Testowy has full read/write access and other user (default) - don’t have access.
I see created directory but i don’t have access. In web panel i logged succesfully whith login/pass for testowy but i don’t upload here any file (i check file, he has been upload and finally i don’t show uploadet file).

This situation show on my laptop, on desktop pc is ok. OS Windows 10 Home. On desktop i have problem whith upload via web panel. I have latest firmware of my wd my cloud ex2


Have you tried resetting the unit? If not, please try that.

Thanks Ermorel for suggestion. I full restart with paperclips by hold on for 40 seconds. After this, I see if main panel load so long. Then, I click next tab (user, access to cloud etc) and return to main page, and he load long too. Next problem is when I access from mycloud android app. I download any kind of file with 3 - 11 MB (bandwith 650 Mb.s - 5 Ghz Wi-fi). Earlier problem with permission still occur.