Problem with 500gb My Passport - very, very slow

Hello everyone,

I have a My Passport 500gb external hard drive and have been using it for a little less then 2 months.  I was using the drive to keep all of my media files, songs, videos, etc. and it was great up until a couple days ago. My computer used to instantly recognize the drive when I plugged it in, now it takes about 1 minutes before it even detects a drive has been connected. It takes about 30 seconds to open a folder within the hard drive, and it takes about 2 minutes for a song to start to play from the hard drive. 

I’ve traveled with the drive, but I don’t think I’ve dropped it anywhere. Does anyone know of a possible solution?


You might try running Windows Error Checking to make sure that there’s no corruption with the partition or files.  You can also try Defragmenting the drive.