Problem with 4TB WD Mybook to Mac mini

I recently bought the WD Mybook Studio 2 with 4TB size (model WD40000H2Q-00) with RAID 0 configuration and HFS+ file system. I connected to my Mac Mini Power PC G4 with Tiger OS (10.4.11). It is very strange that I can only see 2TB of the disk not 4 but if I change the RAID configuration to RAID 1 I can see 1.86TB and if I took the drive to connect to my Window PC I can see it as 3.8TB. It seems like 2TB is the maximum size that my Mac mini can see, is there any possible way to solve this?? Please help.


Have you installed all of the Software Update?

Under Apple drop down menu, click Software Update to check and install the updates.

If after that you still see under 2TB.

There could be a files system limited to 2TB under Tiger (10.4.11).

We know for sure If you are running OS 10.5 or higher you will see all 4TB.