Problem with 3TB WD Mybook 1140 Media

Hello dear sirs,

I just bought a 3TB WD Mybook 1140 Media and I would like to backup my system 10.6.5 with TIme Machine.

Time machine hangs at about 3.8 GB.

Everything on my mac hangs, I can’t close application, I just can push the button and force the machine to shutodown brutally.

I tryed reformatting the drive more and more times.

I tryed repartitioning the drive GUID.

If I copy the whole amount of my system “manually” (drag n drop), I have no problem.

To be honest, I was having the same problem with another Mybook Essential disk.

Backups have been working for a long time on the old drive, but last week I started having problems.

The drive and Time Machine backups on it got corrupted.

So I reformatted the drive and started with a new Time Machine backup.

I was having the same problem that I  have NOW with the new drive

(I did an RMA for the old drive since I tryed EVERYTHING and couldn’t got it working, but now I am in the same situation with the brand new one…)

Please help, I can’t believe I can use the WD drive to backup with Time Machine my system…

Thank you


If you can drag and drop the files without issues then the problem doesn’t appear to be with the my book. But just in case try updating the firmware, find your model on the link below and install it.