Problem with 2nd WDTV Live box

This is my “story” about adding a 2nd WD TV Live box to my network.

My home network consist of:

Synology NAS box (DS508)

HP desktop with Windows Vista (DNLA apps installed and connected with cable)

HP notebook with Windows 7 x64 (connected by wireless)

WDTV Live with Linksys USB wireless 802.11n adapter

Linksys 802.11n access point

HP Procurve gigabit switch

The Synology NAS is configured to be Master Browser on the network.

My first WDTV Live works perfectly. I can access Network shares and Media server folder on my Synology NAS, where all my media content is stored. This WDTV LIve is named “WDTVLive2” in the setup. This WDTV Live is only connected by wireless network.

Now I have added a second WDTV Live box to my network and this time only by network cable. This box is named “WDTVLive1” in the setup. The box receives a IP address and can connect to internet (firmware updates). Now the strange thing:

This box cannot see the Synology NAS - neither in network shares or as Media server. It can only consistently see my notebook (which the other WDTV Live actually cannot see), but it only sporadicly finds my Synology NAS as a Media server, never as Network shares. When I then try to access it as a media server, it just says “There is no media in the current folder”.

I have tried to reboot my firewall (with DHCP server), rebooted both WDTV Live boxes, rebooted the Synology, but nothing seems to help.

I see in this forum that a lot of people have problems getting their WDTV Live boxes to work, so I guess I have just been unlucky and hit by the same bugs as other other in the WDTV Live firmware with my 2nd box.




The WDTVLive1 box have been turned on all day now while I was at work, and now it suddenly works perfectly!!! This is rather strange…

I’m also finding the WDTV Live to be very sporadic, bought it recently. This is over wireless, YouTube works perfectly but network shares are very iffy.