Problem While connected via Ethernet

Ok so here is my problem. I like to use my MBL HD when i’m traveling so I started using by connecting it via the ethernet port. However, it only seems to be discovered properly when I have an internet connection. When I am not connected to the internet, the only icons that appear in my Network Connections is the HD icon with my devices name and the Twonky for my HD. When I click on the HD icon, it takes me to the webpage. the first time i did this it told me i needed to download the updated Java Oracle so I did and it is installed properly. From here when  I click on the icon in the bottom right corner “View My Files”, it takes a few seconds but eventually it only loads up the “My Documents” folder for my computer. Now here’s the thing. If I start this process the same way but connected to the internet, it starts out the same way. The only icons in My Network are the HD Icon and the Twonky. Click on the HD Icon and go to the webpage. Click on “View My Files” and this time it opens up my HD in the folder status where i can view everything like i should be able to. Also, when I go back to My Network, a new Icon appears (this icon is the little computer symble that has my HD name next to it). What am I doing wrong so that I dont need to access the internet every time i do this. I am currently operating on Win7 OS


If i’m not mistaken you want to access your file remotely. Did you already map the drive? Did you already created a remote access account? Contact their tech support for better assistance

no i’m not trying to do remote access. remote access would imply that I am trying to access this drive via the internet. i am merely trying to get my drive to work on my computer WITHOUT the use of an internet connection and use a direct connection via my ethernet cord

Try to diagnose drive using the dashboard first , Because if you do a direct connection using the ethernet cable, the comp show detect the drive and you can autimatically access it. Also try different ethernet cable and change the ip settings or do a hard reset. If this dont work I think you should try to contact WD tech support.