Problem: ''WD My Net N750'' & ''HP Deskjet F2140 All-in-One''

I’ve just purshased a ‘‘WD My Net N750’’ router and I’ve got a ‘‘HP Deskjet F2140 All-in-One’’. I’ve tested the usb ports on the router and they both work. I’ve also installed ‘‘Western Digital Print Share Control Center’’ on a laptop running ‘‘Windows 7’’. After making sure all cables are properly connected between my printer and the router, on the main ‘‘WD Print Share Control Center’’, no devices are found. The only thing listed is ‘‘WDC_AV750 -’’ under the column ‘‘Server’’.

To eliminate all possible problems, I’ve connected my printer to my computer directly with the same cable and it works. Also, I’ve got the lattest firmware update for my  ‘‘WD My Net N750’’ router which is 1.03.12.

I would like to know if my printer isn’t supported by the ‘‘WD My Net N750’’ router?

Is there a way to install the driver for my printer on the ‘‘WD My Net N750’’ router?

Is there a way to get around this problem?

Has anyone tried using DD-WRT?


I have Samsung ML-2240 and My Net N900 and it will only print if job is sent from Windows XP, I have tried few different machines with Windows 7 and it only prints garbage.

Not sure what the deal is but I gave up.

I had the same problem with my HP PSC 2510, it was not detected no matter what I tried. This was one of the reasons I returned the router.