Problem using new 128GB flash drive

Recently purchased a PNY 128GB 3.0 Flash drive. Works 100% with my computers.

The problem. When I connect the new flash drive to my WDTV Live Streaming it will play any file no problem. But after turning off the device via the remote power button and then turning it back on, I get a error message when trying to play the same exact file,or any other file on the drive. “Unable to play selected file. Please see the User Manual for a list of supported file formats.”

I’ve tried, rolling back the firmware and creating folders on the flash drive as suggested by other members but nothing works. The wdtv folder is created on the flash drive when it’s insterted. Also  have tried formatting the drive to both fat32 and NTSF.

What happens when you play it from another drive? It might be a version of bug #3.

Other flash drives work fine. Though they are only 8GB. I tried 1.16.13  firmware and the issue still happens. It must not like this flash drive.

If you read this!:

Don’t buy a PNY 128GB 3.0 Flash Drive to use with your WD TV Media Player. First off it comes formatted as exFAT which the WD TV will not read. It will read it if you format it to NTSF, BUT after putting the WD TV on standby and turning it back on it will not play any files. It creates a wdtv.cas2-journal file on the drive and causes the problem. Luckily I got this free through a rebate.

I tried so many configurations to get this to work and it will not. I might try it in my 1st Gen WD TV to just see it works. I will report back if I do.

The PNY 128GB 3.0 Flash Drive does work 100% on my 1st Gen WD TV Player. Only if it had network capability I would use it. The UI on on my old player is so much quicker and files load way faster. Might have to buy a competely different device in the future.